Both healthful and beautiful, each of our hand mixed teas
has its own unique flavor and medicinal properties. Explore all six varieties and find the one, two, three, thatís right for you...

qi and blood zinger
is a tangy blend of red and orange herbs that move qi and blood, quench thirst and provide a powerful source of bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Makes great sun or iced tea!

Hawthorne berry, Rosehips, Orange peel, Wolfberry, Schissandra
liver cleanse
is an earthy and nutritious herbal blend designed to nourish, heal and protect your liver. Best of all, itís not bitter!

Burdock root, Dandelion root, Nettle leaf, Calendula flower, Milk thistle
stop cramping!
Wouldnít it be great to ease your menstrual cramps with chocolate? We thought so too! This herbal chocolate cramp stopper is cocoa-free. Especially designed with women in mind.

Chasteberry, Crampbark, Safflower, Raspberry leaf, Alfalfa, Rehmannia
mineral magic
is a nutrient-rich tea with subtle grassy notes and an underlying nourishing quality. This is a tea for just about everyone.

Nettles, Red clover, Alfalfa
immune booster
is designed to aid digestion, immune function and metabolism. The taste is sweet and warming with an earthy undertone.

Astragalus, Orange peel, Fennel, Rosehips, Burdock root, Cinnamon, Licorice, Dried ginger
mood lifter
will awaken and lift the spirit while calming nerves and improving sleep. Strong aromas of chrysanthemum and mint will settle those sharp feelings of irritability.

Chrysanthemum, Chamomile, Mimosa tree flower, Jujube seed, Peppermint